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VisualEditor single tab popup should keep appearing until you use it
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  1. Visit a wiki with VE single tab enabled, with a user that had recent edits but has no default selected (e.g. brand new user)
  2. start editing
  3. press "back" after the popup about tabs appears (or press Esc, or close the window)
  4. start editing again

Expected behavior: popup reappears
Actual behavior: no popup, figuring out how to change editor is hard

This has been pointed out by multiple power users on huwiki. Reflexive Esc-pressing is a common thing. The menu should either stick around until something is selected, or should be easy to reopen after pressing Esc and should give a visual clue when closed (e.g. animated collapse into a button).

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I'd be OK with only setting the preference/cookie once the user interacted with it, BUT this wouldn't make @Tgr content as expressed, because pressing Escape is a clear user action. I would not be OK with forcing an intentionally inacessbility-hack of forcing the user to use a mouse rather than their keyboard to make it go away.

FWIW I don't think pressing Esc is necessary. I missed the popup because of FOUC on, so I just clicked somewhere on the page and happened to notice that I had in fact dismissed that pop-up.

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The previous comments don't explain who or what (task?) exactly this task is stalled on ("If a report is waiting for further input (e.g. from its reporter or a third party) and can currently not be acted on"). Hence resetting task status, as tasks should not be stalled (and then potentially forgotten) for years for unclear reasons.

(Smallprint, as general orientation for task management:
If you wanted to express that nobody is currently working on this task, then the assignee should be removed and/or priority could be lowered instead.
If work on this task is blocked by another task, then that other task should be added via Edit Related Tasks...Edit Subtasks.
If this task is stalled on an upstream project, then the Upstream tag should be added.
If this task requires info from the task reporter, then there should be instructions which info is needed.
If this task needs retesting, then the TestMe tag should be added.
If this task is out of scope and nobody should ever work on this, or nobody else managed to reproduce the situation described here, then it should have the "Declined" status.
If the task is valid but should not appear on some team's workboard, then the team project tag should be removed while the task has another active project tag.)