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Impossibility to type Japanese characters in a table cell on VE by using Firefox
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Tested version : Firefox 44.0.2.

Works on Chrome 49.0.2623.75 m or IE 11.0.28.

I haven't reproduced it on my laptop because I didn't manage to switch my input method to Japanese. :/

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Is this really different from T128282?

No. I was able to add text in Roman characters.

Which OS and IME are you using?

Unfortunately this it unactionable unless we at least know which IME; for instance, I can do it fine with my IME (OS X built-in Hiragana).

I've asked Miya about the OS/IME.

  • ローマ字入力 (JIS X 4063: 2000) and かな入力 (Kana input) on Windows 7
  • ローマ字入力 (JIS X 4063: 2000) on Windows 8.1.


New feedback from Miya: " today I could do it successfully! I'm very grateful to you and the VE team!"

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Excellent, thank you.