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Debug mode is too slow to be used with VisualEditor (hundreds of web requests)
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It isn't possible to use resource loader to load VE in debug mode - this takes just too long with hundreds of web requests.
It should be possible to easily debug VE without need of some kind of JS beautifier/local installation of mediawiki+parsoid.

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I wouldn't say it's unusable. On my local machine debug mode loads in ~4s. If resource loader had concatenate with a source map that would be better though...

On WMF wikis (enwiki) with localStorage.clear() and Ctrl+R it takes ~950 requests ~30 seconds (in Chrome), and it is too awful to publish here the similar numbers for firefox

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This is way below "lowest", but as it's being used structurally I'll leave it open rather than decline.

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I'm very satisfied with the following simple solution on a test wiki:
just setting the supportsURLLoading() function to return false on ReasourceLoaderFileModule.

It would be great if:

  1. either it would be possible to control it from URL parameter
  2. explicitly set debugRaw=false on VE
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There is more work to be done under the main debug v2 subtask, but for the purposes of loading VE I consider this resolved.