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[EPIC] TPG Strategy: Improved Status Quo
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Decision reached in March 28, 2016 weekly strategy meeting to choose Improved Status Quo.

Status Quo = continuing embedded work.

The "Improved" twist incorporates ethos to engage in continuous improvement by expanding existing practice to engage with customers in a non-embedded way (so-called, "Light Engagements") by which WMF teams both within and outside of Product and Technology could request support via our new process for "How To Engage With TPG."

In Q1FY2016-17 @KLans_WMF will introduce this process to the Leadership Rountable. Starting in Q1, TPG will survey non-embedded customers to ask them to rate the value of the support that they receive from TPG (see T133582).

Team Practices Group will use the feedback from this and other surveys at the end of Q1 to inform ways that it could continue to improve its offering within current constraints.

In Q1 FY1617, we aim to get some Light Engagements to establish a baseline.
There is already a plan to check in quarterly to evaluate how well the strategy is working for us.

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Summary of docs relevant to Q3 strategy work that led us to decision for Improved Status Quo:

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Working on Definition of Done with @awjr. Will add that here along with more blocking tasks.

@ggellerman Any update on this? Last comment was July 7 and we wondered in Weekly Review. :)

We need to survey some current Light Engagement customers and get some new ones to survey. I imagine that work on this epic will happen in a somewhat bursty fashion punctuated by long lulls. Lots of uncertainty here that we will figure out as we can.

I will add discussion to agenda for quarterly strategy meeting.

Proposed definition of done from email exchange with @Awjrichards in July 2016:

So I think that the epic is about tracking the already proposed efforts to improve status quo once we have some Light Engagements and possibly more Deep Embeddeds to track."

Proposed Tea Time topic of Spectrum of Engagement may also add to the discussion of Improved Status Quo

Much Light Engagement activity in FY1617 Q1...calling this done :)