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Insertion of translated text in Content translation from nowiki to nnwiki broken
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Given As a user I have loaded the ContentTranslation for translating "Tjodhilds kirke" from no to nn, ie. translated text for Tjodhilds kyrkje
When I click on the first paragraph with text
Then I expect the trobber to finish and the translated text to emerge

What happen is that the throbber starts flashing, but it never finishes. Clicking on it once more replaces it with the translated text.

Before first click i get an error

TypeError: side_col is null
Line 392

After first click I have no new errors and all requested pages load successfully

After second click the last two requests from the previous click are repeated

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Note also that the button "Publiser omsetjing" ("Publish translation") is grayed out, but this is probably due to to the previous error.

Before anyone starts complaining; this blocks contribution to Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Norway.

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@jeblad Can you confirm whether this is still happening and whether it only happens when translating to nynorsk as opposed to some other language?

Adding to sprint so that I do not forget to follow-up on this.

We believe that this issue has now been fixed. Please reopen if you see this happening again. Thanks.

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