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<maplink> without <mapframe> still loads leaflet libs on page load
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Tested at

That page only has <maplink>, but it still loads the mapbox library on initial page load. Instead, it should load it only after the user clicks.

Looking at the dependencies, is what contains all the code, and ext.kartographer.fullscreen gets loaded on maplink click, and it does not depend on the The MapLink::render() adds the for some reason - added by ec8ef2f1b2da02e1944252cd56d462e59f16de7d (@MaxSem?)

Proposed Structure

module Added by PHP depends onmay load via JSnotes
maplinkon <maplink>fullscreenContains a tiny JS loader that attaches to maplinks. CSS to style links.
mapframeon <mapframe>site, livefullscreenContains JS loader that modifies to mapframes. CSS to style mapframe.
mapframe.snapon <mapframe>mapframeFor later - when we implement map snapshot image service, inseart this instead of mapframe
fullscreensite, liveLoaded by maplink and mapframe
livemapbox, settingsThe core map resource, maybe used by external tools like Commons upload wizard
siteLoaded only for <mapframe>. Custom class
settingsCustom class, sets global map configuration JS vars
mapbox (lib)External lib, includes Leaflet
visualEditormaplink, mapframe, ve.dialogMain Visual Editor resource. TBD: At what point should maplink and mapframe resources be loaded?
ve.dialogleaflet.drawVE code for map editor dialog
leaflet.draw (lib)mapboxExternal lib - drawing tools for VE

Existing structure


TagHandler.phpaddModuleStyles( '' )
MapFrame.phpaddModules( '' )
MapLink.phpaddModules( '' )


ve.ce.MWMapsNode.jsupdate(): if


moduleused bydependenciesstylescriptnotes
ext.kartographer.settingsjs-veSet JS configuration for Kartographer, like available scaling factors, styles, etc. Used by live & visualeditor resources, loaded by VE ve.ce.MWInlineMapsNode & ve.ce.MWMapsNode
ext.kartographer.stylephp-allstyles/kartographer.lessStyles for maplink, mapframe, fullscreen (TODO: maybe we should break it into separate modules). Loaded by mapframe & maplink tag handlers
ext.kartographer.siteMediaWiki:Kartographer.cssMediaWiki:Kartographer.jsSite-customized css & js, should only be loaded for <mapframe>, fullscreen, and edit. Used by live & fullscreen resources
ext.kartographer.livephp-all, js-ve*mapbox, ext.kartographer.settings, ext.kartographer.sitelib/leaflet.sleep.js, kartographer.jsShow interactive map - required by <mapframe>, fullscreen, editor. Used by editor resource. Loaded by all tags and ve.ce.MWMapsNode
ext.kartographer.fullscreenjsext.kartographer.sitekartographer.MapDialog.jsLoaded when user clicks on a maplink or expands a mapframe, from JS in openFullscreenMap()
ext.kartographer.editorjs-veleaflet.draw, ext.kartographer.liveLoaded by VE map editor dialog - ve.ui.MWMapsDialog
ext.kartographer.visualEditorext.kartographer.settingsve.ui.MWMaps.cssve-maps/*Loads css & js for the VE map support. Used only by VisualEditorPluginModules setting below
mapboxlib/mapbox/*lib/mapbox/*External mapframe lib, handles drawing of the map. Used by live and leaflet.draw resources
leaflet.drawmapboxlib/leaflet.draw/*lib/leaflet.draw/*External leaflet lib to allow visual geojson editing in the VE map dialog, loaded by editor resource

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First step cleaning up resources