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Community Bonding Period report for List Of Contributors
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Community Bonding Period Report

Communication Plan

  • Weekly meetings take place in the slack group.
  • All discussions regarding the project takes place in the slack group.
  • Communication with mentors also through IRC and Emails.

Work Done

  • Read through the following documentation
    • Developing extensions
    • Manual on hooks
    • Contributors Extension
    • Manual on OOjs UI
    • Manual on HTMLForm
  • Created Community bonding evaluation subtask: T133985
  • Created Weekly Reports Subtask: T135329
  • Currently working on the task - T134934
  • Got familiarised with the working of an extension and hooks. Cloned the Boilerplate extension and worked on it.
  • Got familiarised with the process of converting Special Pages to use OOjs UI.
  • Went through similar patchsets to get better idea on the same.

Weekly meetings

Meeting 1| May 6th
  • Meeting at #wikimedia-commtech


  • Decided to work on the existing Contributors extension.
  • Decided to use the existing work board of Contributors extension as the project workboard.
  • Whether any changes needed from the original plan as per here were discussed. And it was decided that we proceed with the same , with some additional functionalities like adding more filters as suggested in here.
  • Details regarding the community bonding period report and weekly report tasks were discussed.
Meeting 2| May 17th
  • Meeting at slack channel-contributors


  • Discussions on the phabricator tickets created on project workboard.
  • Decided on Switch Special:Contributors to use OOUI with phabricator task T134934 as the first task to be completed.
  • Went through documentations on OOjs UI to get better idea about it.
Meeting 3| May 20th
  • Meeting at slack channel-contributors


  • Queries on the task T134934 that is being worked on were discussed.
  • Decided on what must be the next task to be completed. Next task to be done after T134934 would be Create a contributors database table with phabricator task T134935.
  • Community Bonding Period report to be completed.