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opensearch_desc calls Title::getLocalURL which unstubs wgUser on wikis with a variant
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/srv/mediawiki/php-1.28.0-wmf.1/includes/session/SessionManager.php:985 BadMethodCallException
Sessions are supposed to be disabled for this entry point

opensearch_desc.php needs to return a "template" URL for Special:Search on which browsers can do a string replacement to get the actual search URL. That includes calling Title::getLocalURL which might need to replace variant parameters in the URL for variant wikis, and for that it needs to check whether the page language matches the site language. For that it needs to access $wgContLang, and that seems to be an instance of StubUserLang. Not sure how that can happen.

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The line in question is Title.php line 1752

&& $wgContLang->getCode() === $this->getPageLanguage()->getCode()

It's not $wgContLang in that line that's the problem, it's $this->getPageLanguage():

public function getPageLanguage() {
    global $wgLang, $wgLanguageCode;
    if ( $this->isSpecialPage() ) {
        // special pages are in the user language
        return $wgLang;

Change 288985 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
Avoid unstubbing $wgLang in Title::getLocalURL

Change 288985 merged by jenkins-bot:
Avoid unstubbing $wgLang in Title::getLocalURL

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Was fixed a while ago.

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