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CX2: Suggest categories to add based on HotCat
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There have been several requests about getting HotCat with Content Translation. One is here and I recall there was one during one of our video sessions.

Proposed solution

Considering that version 2 of Content Translation allows users to add any category (T188615), we can extend the initial auto-complete suggestions to include categories based on HotCat.

Considering this integrates an external tool we may want to make sure that:

  • CX won't break if HotCat is not available or when errors happen in the process of getting the suggestions.
  • The time delay does not produce options displayed to jump (which may cause click errors). Preloading the data, a time threshold to show all suggestions at once, or adding new ones to the bottom can be some options to avoid these issues.
  • Duplicate options are not shown.

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While I'll be very happy if somebody will adapt the code of the HotCat gadget to Content Translation, a much more sensible way to address this would be resolving this task: T134740: there is no comfortable way to insert a new category in ContentTranslation.

This task can remain open, but in the Upstream column of the board and unlikely to be acted upon by the language team.

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