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[GTWL] Design symbol for mention notification.
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A mention notification is going to look more or less like:

MentionNotification.png (303×549 px, 28 KB)

What should be the symbol for it? Should there be different symbols depending on whether all mentions have been sent or whether there were errors?

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The symbol you used looks fine to me. I could do minor tweaks if you send it to me.

It was proposed that the shown symbol is already in use somewhere. Does someone know where it is used already? If the current use is consistent with mentioning users in the proposed context we could just stick with it (and gain some general consistency).
On the other hand, if the context is very different, we need to see how such a icon may look in the context of the proposed mentioning notification.

is the symbol design accepted? Reading F4171034 it seems it is (?)