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Allowing watchlist notifications if the watchlist is smaller than a certain size
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Author: matthew.britton

Am I right in thinking that, while MediaWiki can be configured so that users can opt to be emailed when their watchlist and/or user talk page is changed, this feature is disabled on the English Wikipedia for performance reasons?

If this is the case, would it be more feasible to enable an appropriately limited version of this feature, that would not have such a large effect? One idea that came to mind was only allowing watchlist notifications if the watchlist is smaller than a certain size, to prevent people adding tens of thousands of pages to their watchlist and creating a flood of emails.

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mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

That would require coding such a feature, so there is nothing to do on shell. Changed component/product.

email notification was activated on mai 14 2011 for all wmf wikis and still active, so there is no need for this feature, marking WONTFIX

Email notifications are not disabled because you could add piles of pages to your watchlist. Email notifications are disabled because thousands of people can be watching the same page and edits are made extremely frequently. Within a few minutes en.wp could potentially have a queue of 50,000 emails to send.

Using a limit on an individual user's watchlist won't help that.