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Add table of contents for items/properties on Wikidata
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As items have many statements, it has been difficult to scroll for finding information which users want. Also, "Add statement" button is on very lower part of the page, so that users have to scroll for long time to add claims on statement-rich items such as (d:Q30). So we need table of contents for items and properties to enhance conveniences of users and editors.

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Per T250584:

The TOC should be at the top of the page (either between the label and the desscription, or immediately below the latter), and styled horizontally.

The TOC should include the "Sister links" heading proposed in T250581 if that proposal is implemented.

It should be possible for user scripts that add H2 headings to inject links to those headings into the TOC.

There is (now) an H2 heading for "Sitelinks" (not "Sister links").