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Add ability to mark ResourceLoader modules as deprecated
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We have various modules (infamously jquery.ui but also jquery.tipsy) that we want to discourage use of for reasons such as performance, mobile compatibility and replicating functionality of a preferred library. However because these modules are in core they are commonly used in new extensions unless someone who knows what their future fate is.
I would like to find a way to speed up deprecation of these modules so that we can deprecate the targets attribute.

As a straw man proposal I would suggest a 'deprecated' => true ResourceLoader entry that when present (possibly in debug mode) outputs a message in the console such as

This page uses the deprecated modules jquery.ui, jquery.tipsy. Offending modules should be written without these dependencies: '', ''


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Sounds like a good plan to me. ideally, i want to actually make deprecations of modules even more visible while running code, but it's a bit difficult to identify people who might actually be able to do something with such a warning, vs people who would be heavily annoyed by it....

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The front-end standards group discussed it today, here is a summary:

  • We think the proposal makes sense, it can help developers identify deprecated modules and encourage updating existing code.
  • We should inject a script statement when the module is loaded, to log a message to the developer console. We should not do it into the startup manifest.
  • We should make clear what "deprecate" means on
    • We can have a first and a second warning, with two different messages logged to the browser console. This can define an expiration date and insist on updating existing code.
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Change 299090 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
POC: ResourceLoader should support deprecation of modules

Apologies for not making this discussion - I completely lost track of time for the frontend standards meeting. Let me throw up a proof of concept for discussion.

I've tried to make this as flexible as possible.
A ResourceLoader module can set a deprecated field which can be a boolean or an array.
If an array it can provide a message key which will be outputted to the console which could potentially define an expiration date/migrate path.
I hope this is a good first step.

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Change 299090 merged by jenkins-bot:
resourceloader: Implement 'deprecated' option for FileModule

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