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RFC (WIP): develop Markdown support strategy for MediaWiki
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This is a placeholder for a more complete TechCom-RFC. At E212, @RobLa-WMF volunteered to take some of his existing writeup on this subject, and post it in a (very rough) RFC.

The result:

Markdown support isn't intended to replace MediaWiki markup for all uses (especially on Wikimedia sites), but the proposal is intended as a (hopefully) interesting thought exercise during the summer travel season and as a hallway-track discussion topic during Wikimania. Related discussions: T127329, T112999#2377981

Markdown is "a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name" (

IRC discussions

Event Timeline

The RFC on wiki has been updated quite a bit since this Phab task was first created:

The IRC office hour described at E218 is happening on the #wikimedia-office IRC channel in around 90 minutes. Some discussion has happened on-wiki:

I'm looking forward to more discussion on this topic!

RobLa-WMF moved this task from P1: Define to Old on the TechCom-RFC board.

If and when we decline RFC type tasks... Can we please update the relevant onwiki pages?