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Implement editing functions within mainpage read mode
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Part 1 from the T129240 notes.

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Okay, what this is now (or as soon as my massively overbloated styles patch is merged):

  • Add 'add feature' link to cactions on mainpage:
    • Without js, this just goes to specialeditcollaborationhub/currentpage
    • With js, this triggers a popup popup asking for title, which then goes to specialeditcollaborationhub/titlename (make sure it's a subpage) (this won't actually work for creating the page currently because specialeditcollaborationhub doesn't work for that yet, but let's just assume it will for now)
    • (This will be reused from a few other places on the page, but I'm not quite sure where at the moment.)
  • Add js to change the 'remove' link behaviour to be a jquery confirmable to remove the line like on the list pages

There was some stuff for the members box, but we'll call that a separate task because it's a distinct feature and doing anything with it depends on me figuring out what the hell to even do with the members feature in the first place beforehand.

Cactions part is complete; splitting off "remove link" behavior into a separate task.