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Mockup for CollaborationKit mainpage editor
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A mockup for the CollaborationKit mainpage editor to make sure we are all on the same page.


2. specialeditcollaborationhub mode MAINPAGE
	special interface for adding and removing pages (features) from list quickly
		edit/remove links
	drag-to-move around the page (up/down)
	(they will normally all be subpages, but not always)
	input field at bottom for adding new ones (usually that already exist, but not necessarily; can also be a workflow for creation if people don't want to use the popup, or want to queue a bunch for creation at the same time or stuff)
		autocomplete defaults to finding existing subpages; can do non-subpages by prefacing them with a ':'

Event Timeline

Nevermind, this was a bad idea. It should just be the same as the other pages, but have a simpler list editing interface and maybe emphasise some other bits more.

There should at least be a wireframe so we can do a sanity check and make sure that you and @Bawolff have a common understanding of how the interface should look and be interacted with.

I don't actually know what we want anymore. Like at all.

Let's start with the notes you provided and see where that gets us.

No! Not those. They're bad. We need to not do that.

I'm an idiot. Attempting to do this just showed how little sense I was making with those notes. I'll file some new tasks that make sense. Yes.

Sorry. >.<