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Explore ideas for Contribution review
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As part of T137783, this ticket explores the idea of supporting contributions review in context by making use of the concept of review feeds.


  • Encourage more constructive reviews By providing informa information about the changes in the context they happen, users may have a better understanding on the cause of mistakes and have the usual tools on wiki to interact with newcomers. Research suggests that separate tools focused on analysing diffs of changes in isolation may be discouraging reviewers from some of the positive on-wiki interactions with newcomers.
  • Adapt to the reviewing task. Allow users to access the right tools depending on the current reviewing task (e.g., helping new users vs. fighting vandalism).


  • Daily review Adriana decides to review good-faith newcomers making positive contributions. She is able to understand what they contributed and quickly thank them when appropriate or engage in conversations to help them when needed.
  • Customisation. When reviewing damaging edits by newcomers, she finds herself leaving the same message to newcomers inviting them to the Teahouse. She is able to keep a quick shortcut to that action as a default option for the current type of contributions. In this way, reviewing these kind of edits becomes more efficient.

Explored solutions

Contribution feeds and filters are presented similarly to T138935. In this case, the main difference is the use of a panel on top of the affected content of the change with options on how to display the content and the actions to apply.

Actions are customisable per feed. Since different feeds represent different reviewing activities, users can have close at hand the tools that make more sense. These catalog of available tools should be extensible for the different communities to adapt and extend the possibilities.

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Halfak added a subscriber: Halfak.Jul 12 2016, 10:47 PM

I love the quick fix button. How do you imagine that working?

I love the quick fix button. How do you imagine that working?

I have not thought the details. The whole area of the review tool (and their possible actions) is not in our main scope in the initial steps of the project, so there is still specific research to be done there.

The main point I wanted to illustrate is that different feeds may have a different set of appropriate actions. Thus, we may want to provide different actions and allow to customise them per feed: a vandalism-related feed will have a "bock user" action at hand while a "good-faith" edits feed may have "thanks" instead. We can provide some defaults, but the idea is to make this extensible so that communities and individual users can create their own actions to better support their specific processes.

For the case of the example (good-faith edits that may or may not be damaging) I thought it would be convenient to be able to undo (revert), move the change to a working space (draft) for the user to improve, and provide a quick access to fix the edit yourself (quick fix). Regarding "quick fix" I imagined a kind of in-place editing mode: allowing to edit but with some extra aids that could help in this context (e.g., keeping the possibility of quickly moving between the before/after version, quickly undoing part of the change, etc.), but I've not got that far in the exploration to consider further details.