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Create a location-based category-suggestor for the upload tool when uploads contain location in coordinates
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On Facebook, when a user uploads a mobile foto with location information, Facebook will ask to add a location tag. This should be possible for Commons as well. E.g. this photo was taken in Hoofddorp and I added the tag suggested by Facebook when I uploaded it to Facebook. Commons makes me choose the category.

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Hi @Jane023 ,

The Commons Android app already contains the functionality you are requesting, if I understand correctly. Not sure about the web-based Upload Wizard.

Interesting! I have a Windows phone so I can't test it. If it is in the app I wonder if that is built-in functionality that comes with the app platform or if it can be converted to the default uploader, because lots of new cameras put the coordinates in the exif data these days

@Jane023 it is a built-in functionality that I wrote for the Android app about 6 months ago. I don't think it can be converted to the web uploader per se, different programming language entirely.

Well I suppose we would need some sort of global map for Commons whereby any coordinates need to fit into some container category. I think it would be well worth doing, but I am not too sure whether it should be done on Commons or Wikidata.