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<maplink> and/or <mapframe>: showing own position
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A button should be added to present the position of the reader after clicking on the button.

This task was mentioned at Community-Wishlist-Survey-2017 (, which got the No.1 out of 214 proposals.

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The reader should be able to add a map marker of his own position as given from his device mostly a mobile phone. Thus he could better orientate himself. Of course this must be done by an opt-in process. Therefore a button is necessary to perform this.

The geolocation feature seems to apply more to Wikivoyage than Wikipedia. I would add it to WV first (upon community's approval /cc @CKoerner_WMF ), and wait for a concrete request from the community before adding it to WP.

There are a few plugins available here.
This one domoritz/leaflet-locatecontrol (demo) looks good.

Note: I see how it can benefit to some WP use cases, e.g. the Geo Search and mobile apps' Nearby search. But these features aren't leveraging Kartographer code yet, so I think we should reconsider this later.

@RolandUnger Do you agree that we should as the Wikivoyage communities what they think about this idea. If so, is that something you would be willing to ask?

To me this sounds a little similar to Special:Nearby, but in map form.