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Allow programs to be only 1 day long in Programs Dashboard
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Right now, the dashboard requires courses to be at least a week long. We need to be able to have a one-day course, except for Wiki Ed courses, which should still have a the current 1-week minimum.

To get to the Create a New Program modal: go to My Dashboard: and click Create a New Program.

Current state:

calendar.jpg (651×1 px, 88 KB)

See also:

Wireframe with time picker and time zone:

Programs Dashboard Time picker new wireframe.jpg (608×1 px, 77 KB)

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Would this include the "Assignment" date in addition to the "Course" date?

Would this include the "Assignment" date in addition to the "Course" date?

Eh, I guess it would have to

@MusikAnimal Assignment date (Course#timeline_start and Course#timeline_end) controls the dates that show up on the timeline, but does not affect the calculation of statistics or the inclusion range of edits. So I think we can probably get by without changing those, as along as course start/end support specific times.

@Ragesoss Thanks! That was what I was going to ask about, as those props seem to be built to accept increments of one week (see here), judging by @props.weeks, suggesting we'd need to change the props altogether.

This pull request allows me to enter in single-day courses in the datepicker, but I still can't create the course because the options on the "Assignment Type" step are disabled. It's saying I need N available weeks. I tried making all the dates start over 6 weeks in the future. Perhaps those "N weeks" restrictions also need to be updated?

Just needs a comment explaining the 1 week exception for ClassroomProgramCourse.

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