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Prompt for edit summary: When you switch from VisualEditor to the wikitext editor, it can't see your edit summary
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In her original words:

I was in VE and had already added an edit summary when I switched to source editor... When I saved in the source editor, I could see my VE edit summary in the source edit summary box. Good! But the save failed, saying I hadn't provided an edit summary (I have that preference set). It would be nice if it realised that I had provided an edit summary.

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Yeah, this is working fine for me in Chrome and Firefox on master. What browsers were they using and when did this happen? If it was back in June, or somehow with a really old cached version of code, it probably is now fixed?

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I can reproduce that the issue still/again exists:

-> A warning about a missing summary was shown, I had to save a second time. (

Browser is Firefox 46.0.1 on Ubuntu.

The report was on 20 August 2016. I believe that this editor is usually (but not always) running the lastest version of Chrome on Windows 8.1.

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Change 318960 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Keep edit summary when switching between VE and NWE

Change 318960 merged by jenkins-bot:
Keep edit summary when switching between VE and NWE