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Seeking community liaison support for engaging WMF/broader community for validation of statement of purpose of design
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The TPG would like some officially committed support for planning and executing on [[ T139998 | validating the draft statement of purpose of design with the WMF and broader community ]]. I spoke with Moushira and Keegan about this a couple of months ago and they gave me some really great insight into how to approach the work and offered some light-touch assistance, which I really appreciated. Given the complexity of the overall process of preparing the statement of purpose and competing time commitments, I am realizing we could really benefit from deeper assistance from the CLs if it is available.

I'm not 100% sure what this engagement would like just yet or what kind of effort would be required, but I'd love to discuss with you all to figure it out. Initially, I imagine this could include assisting with deeper planning around the effort, crafting communications, managing conversations/feedback on various channels (eg wiki, IRC, email), and providing input on how to manage incorporating input into the statement and communicating back out after the initial feedback period. But like I said, I am very happy to discuss further and figure out what makes the most sense here.

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Qgil added subscribers: Moushira, Keegan, Quiddity.

After some conversations in our team, this is how we can proceed.

By the end of the month, you all could figure out how to support TPG and the designers best during the next quarter, how we will know when this task is completed, and how success will be measured.

Does this work for you?

@Qgil yeah that works for me! Thank you and the rest of the team. @KLans_WMF, sound OK to you?

This sounds wonderful. Thank you for your support and expertise!

Qgil triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 4 2016, 1:30 PM

Assuming Normal priority.

I have seen activity related to this task during November. What else is it expected? When are we {{done}}?

@Qgil we are done! The CLs helped coordinate and manage the community feedback portion of the effort, which is now complete. I am removing the Team Practices tag from this ticket - please feel free to resolve on your end as you see fit given your workflow.