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Add ability to set category collation from the installer
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The installer currently doesn't let you set the category collation for your wiki ($wgCategoryCollation). Under the "Advanced configuration" section of the installer, it should have a new option called "Category collation" which let's you choose between the different collation options. It should only present the UCA options if you have the PHP intl library installed (extension_loaded( 'intl' )), and if it is installed, suggest "UCA with numeric" (uca-default-u-kn) as the default choice. Otherwise, the default choice should be Uppercase (which is the current default in DefaultSettings.php).

Category collation:
🔘 Uppercase (case-insensitive sort by code point)
🔘 Numeric (same as uppercase, but with numeric sorting)
🔘 UCA (Unicode Collation Algorithm)
🔘 UCA with numeric

There should also be a "help" button with more information about collation. See$wgCategoryCollation for ideas.

Do no include language-specific options in this task. That will be handled in a follow-up task (probably T47611).

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@JeroenDeDauw, @demon: Any opinions on whether this is a good idea or not? Setting the category collation is generally something you want to set before you've actually created any pages, as otherwise you have to regenerate all the sort keys. My only hesitation is that maybe this is too obscure an option to include in the installer. Opinions?

Did you mean to ping someone else? I have no expertise or opinion on this.

DannyH set the point value for this task to 5.Sep 22 2016, 5:36 PM

I think it is pretty obscure, I doubt many people know what "collation" means...can we just pick a good default in the Installer based on availability of intl and the language code without presenting it in the UI, and write it to LocalSettings?

Declining per Legoktm. Will look at just changing the default instead.

Er, we still need to modify the installer to *set* that default right? Like in LocalSettingsGenerator.php