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"Good article" star icon in interlanguage links should be less prominent
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In the interlanguage links of the left menu, the "good article" grey star icon is too dark, as a result it stands out too much.
The main problem is that it attracts attention more than the "featured article" yellow star.

As an example, has defined custom icons, which imho fit better (though maybe a bit not visible enough):

.badge-featuredarticle {
    list-style-image: url("//");
.badge-goodarticle {
    list-style-image: url("//");

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Doesn't each wiki define their own CSS rules for badges (and even if they want to show them)?

Apparently they are defined in ext.wikimediaBadges, see wikimedia-badges.css.

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The two default icons we are shipping reflect the status quo as it was in 2014 when we finished the badge support in Wikibase. I can not find the discussion any more, but I remember me writing a crazy JavaScript fetching all custom CSS from all wikis, rendering a table with a thousand badge icons next to each other. We reviewed this carefully. It turned out that most Wikis copied the simple, flat silver/gold stars from the English Wikipedia.

These icons are now part of the WikimediaBadges extension, see

Every wiki is free (and encouraged) to override these default badge icons with a few simple lines of CSS, as does (search for "badge"). I don't know what your home wiki is, @Od1n, but I suggest you find community consensus and do the same in your wiki.

I'm afraid we can not replace the default icons for all wikis, as it is practically impossible to find consensus for all communities. I'm open for technical improvements (e.g. replacing the PNGs with SVG files if browsers support this well nowadays). But a global change because of perceived appearance can not be done.