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Difference in thickness of our and Apple's icons when 3d-pressing app icon
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Compare the native iOS icon for "Send Beta Feedback" (and "Share WIkipedia" in production) and "our" icons.

Apple's icons are thicker (2px?) while our icons are not as thick (1px?). @RHo Should we have "thicker" icons to be as Apple's icons?

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Hi @Josve05a – interesting point. I took a quick look at some other non-Apple apps and there is variation between individual app icons styles and native iOS ones on apps like Slack, Facebook, Duolingo, etc ( screenshots here) so we are not alone fwiw.

We can confirm with dev whether to look at changing only the thickness to match the iOS style only on the actions menu, or consider a wholesale update to the iOS app set.

I've linked it on the backlog to a related ticket to refine the WMF icon set:

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@JMinor can we just add a fixed version of the share icon for now?

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