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[EPIC] Team Practices Group Coaching Clinic
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The problem

The Team Practices Group would like to offer our support and expertise to summit attendees, make connections with our developer community, and gain a better understanding of what topics in the realm of team practices and collaboration are of interest.

Expected outcome

We aim to offer attendees support in working through topics, discussions, issues, projects emerging from or addressed at the Dev Summit. At the summit, attendees can sign up for short coaching sessions on a topic of their choosing (see our areas of expertise).

We can help orient coachees to recommended processes, practices, and frameworks for achieving their ongoing summit goals. We hope to learn and be coached by attendees as well! :-)

Current status of the discussion

Rough logistics here:


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Qgil subscribed.

This is a very interesting idea, thank you!

I don't know whether this is related or not, but a very frequent problem I see that directly affects the effectiveness of our team processes is people struggling following activity in Phabricator and handling the notifications that such following produces. I wonder if "Following Phabricator activity efficiently" would be within the scope of this clinic, or even a candidate for an Unconference BoF of sorts.

Hi @Qgil thanks!

The topic you raise is very interesting one, and indeed, something I have witnessed as a problem in my travels.

Re: the scope of the coaching clinic, the vision for the clinic is not necessarily to have pre-defined topics (although I think providing some example topics could be helpful), but for the coaching topics to be participant-driven, so any type of team practices topic is fair game (so, similar to an unconference in that regard, but one-on-one and shorter duration).

I will make subtasks once we know for sure if this is a go!

@Qgil @Rfarrand just checking - does being in "Unconference" mean that we're on the program? :D

It means that you are "free" to organize it, yes. It also means that it is not expected to be an activity pre-scheduled in the program. Does this work for you?

I am going to be submitted a furniture plan / request to the venue in the next few weeks and am still planning on including furniture requests for this. Please let me know if your plans change!

Thanks @Rfarrand sounds good. Thanks @Qgil.

I shared some of this in email but should add here:

What I'm thinking about is setting up a space on Monday and Tuesday from 10-2 both days, somewhere visible and high traffic (hallway, entryway, mezzanine?). I think we'll need space for a rolling whiteboard, and a few small tables and chairs.

@KLans_WMF Hey! As developer summit is less than four weeks from now, we are working on a plan to incorporate the ‘unconference sessions’ that have been proposed so far and would be generated on the spot. Thus, could you confirm if you plan to facilitate this session at the summit? Also, if your answer is 'YES,' I would like to encourage you to update/ arrange the task description fields to appear in the following format:

Session title
Main topic
Type of activity
Description Move ‘The Problem,' ‘Expected Outcome,' ‘Current status of the discussion’ and ‘Links’ to this section
Proposed by Your name linked to your MediaWiki URL, or profile elsewhere on the internet
Preferred group size
Any supplies that you would need to run the session e.g. post-its
Interested attendees (sign up below)

  1. Add your name here

We will be reaching out to the summit participants next week asking them to express their interest in unconference sessions by signing up.

To maintain the consistency, please consider referring to the template of the following task description:

In this case, I think we can move this task out of "Unconference" we are planning a spot in the venue on Monday and Tuesday for TPG to hold this.
It will be in the hallway between Ventana and Prince / Hawthorn and include 2 tables and 4 chairs and an easel with a flip chart and power.
I hope this works well for everyone!

To the owner of this session: Here is the link to the session guidelines page: We encourage you to recruit Note-taker(s) 2(min) and 3(max), Remote Moderator, and Advocate (optional) on the spot before the beginning of your session. Instructions about each role player's task are outlined in the guidelines. The physical version of the role cards will be made available in all the session rooms. Good luck prepping, see you at the summit! :)

Note-taker(s) of this session: Follow the instructions here: After the session, DO NOT FORGET to copy the relevant notes and summary into a new wiki page following the template here: and also link this from the All Session Notes page: The EtherPad links are also now linked from the Schedule page ( for you!

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Can this task's status be set to "resolved" as it's in the "Done" column and has not seen updates for thirteen months?
Or is there more work planned/needed here?

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Closed in the absensce of a Team Practices Group.