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Refreshing mobile-sections does not purge mobile-sections-lead
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At the moment, editing a Wikidata description triggers re-rendering of the summary and mobile-sections endpoints. This is correct, however the mobile-sections-lead endpoint returns the old WD data, and is hence not being purged.

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mobile-sections refreshes all three mobile-sections* endpoints. Are you seeing somewhere that that is not the case ?

I've added a Wikidata description to the article [[Illinois-class battleship]] about an hour ago, but the description still does not appear here:

whereas it does appear here:

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This was a Varnish cache purge failure. I manually purged the title in question and now all is good.

I'm not sure this is resolved. I just made a minor edit to the same description, and it appears correctly in mobile-sections, but not updated in mobile-sections-lead

(changed "battleship" to "battleships")

Reopening, since it's still happening, but feel free to change the description to more accurately reflect the cause.

Indeed. Querying from the outside does not show the new version, but from inside prod it does.

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Ok, this should be resolved now. There was an issue with the EventBus HTTP Proxy service rejecting certain RESTBase-emitted events (incidentally comprising mobile-sections purges). I have tried editing the description of the same item a couple of times and it seems to be working now. @Dbrant please confirm it works for you as well and if so, resolve the ticket. Thanks for reporting!

Looks resolved now; thanks!

@Mholloway I see 'toy manufacturer' description in both links and on wikidata item

Must have just synced. The mobile-sections-lead version was lagging with "company" (the old description) for a few minutes.

@Mdholloway Hm. So we have 2 queues in Change-Prop - one for main events and one for events derived from transcludes. The first one lags only about 50ms, the second one can lag significantly more. The wikidataEdit->mobileRerender rule is using the transclusions queue. Since you now have this feature with wikidata item editing and it's pretty important to have timely updates, I will move it to the primary queue.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2016-12-08T22:16:48Z] <mobrovac@tin> Starting deploy [changeprop/deploy@ab552cd]: Deploying fix for T152690

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2016-12-08T22:17:36Z] <mobrovac@tin> Finished deploy [changeprop/deploy@ab552cd]: Deploying fix for T152690 (duration: 00m 49s)

OK, this should be now fixed once and for all :) Please @Mholloway and @Dbrant recheck and resolve the issue if it looks alright.

We didn't hear about this problem for a while, let's assume separating it to a new topic did the trick. Resolving. Please reopen if it happens again.