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Increase quota for wikidata-dev project
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We need to have a project in labs (and have "Daniel Kinzler", "WMDE-leszek", "Hoo man" and me as admins) to test redis lock manager for change dispatching. Hopefully it'll be temporarily. Wikidata-dev project already hit its capacity.

CC: @chasemp, @Andrew, @yuvipanda

Project Name: wikidata-dev
Type of quota increase requested: 1 Large instance
Reason: to test redis lock manager for change dispatching.

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would it make sense instead to bump up the quota for wikidata-dev to accomodate? Could be temp or permanent as well depending on need.

@chasemp It would be great if you bump the quota specially in number of instances. Since we cleaned it up, it's possible to do the testing in this project for now.

chasemp renamed this task from Create a new project in labs for testing RedisLock in Wikidata to Increase quota for wikidata-dev project.Jan 23 2017, 9:01 PM
chasemp updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Andrew I'll +1 this

Andrew claimed this task.

It looks to me like there's quite a bit of quota room in wikidata-dev already. I increased the max instance count by 1, which is probably already more than necessary... Can you create what you need now?

We cleaned some instances and it's okay now. Probably we will make more soon.