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Replace all usages of <ce> with <chem> on wiki
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After T153606 we have a bit of cleanup to do to get rid of the now deprecated '<ce>' tag name.

At time of writing there are about 240 such usages on<%5Cce>%2F

and probably more elsewhere.

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FYI this change (ce->chem) hasn't been deployed yet, but we can still get the rename script ready.

<chem> is now live in production. Anyone got any ideas for how best to do this rename?

I did manually in our wiki. There are 57 in commons and 485 in hewiki. AWE seems to be enough, as the fix looks good as regex.

I came here from Help:Displaying a formula#Basics at English Wikipedia, where it says, "A script will be used to replace all <ce> with <chem>." As of today there are 192 articles in English Wikipedia with <ce> in their wikitexts, so I think that would be a good idea. What are the plans, if any, to create and deploy this script?

I've now fixed them all on en wiki. With little help from JavascriptWikiBrowser.

Just a note of caution some uses add a title attribute so a simple replace of <ce> with <chem> and </ce> with </chem> will cause some problems with
<ce title="Stille reaction scheme">{R-X} + R'-SnR''3 ->[\ce{Pd\ catalyst}] {R-R'} + XSnR''3</ce>

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This appears to have been resolved.

A few occurrences of <ce> are currently present at various wikis. The existence of this task probably implied turning off <ce> at some point, possibly within T153606, but it didn't happen (yet?).