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See meta name="description" on article placeholders
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We should set a meta description (<meta name="description" content="…">) for article placeholders. This is for example what users see in search engines.

On the repo we use the description for this, if available (including language fallbacks)… but that probably wont work very well for many article placeholders, so we should think about another solution.

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I would suggest the following pattern as meta description:

This is an article placeholder for <title>. <description>. <property1> <value1>. <property2> <value2>.
which would be in the example of Q7259 in English something like
This an article placeholder for Ada Lovelace. English mathematician, considered the first computer programmer. Instance of human. Occupation computer scientist.
If we prefer to not have a set sentence (that would have to be translated!) I assume something like the following would be sufficient
Article Placeholder. <title>. <description>. <property1> <value1>. <property2> <value2>.

Let's not put article placeholder in the description please. People should not care at this point.

I suggest starting with the first 3 statements. Then we can see how things go from there.

Gerrit-bot doesn't make comment when I make a patch:

I must say this patch doesn't solve it and it's not enough because statements can't be brought here easily. We need statement renderer, we need config variables for "instance of" and similar properties, also i18n for the statement value system. This is only title and description.

Change 349868 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/ArticlePlaceholder@master] Very basic meta description tag

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