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Visual prototype for community feedback for Wikistats 2.0 iteration 1.
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Prototype: [secret link for now so I (Milimetric) don't burn people's eyes with my inaccurate style rendering so far.

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Goal of prototype: look at the bare bones data modeling with visual aids while we have designer on team. Bonus: get more pointed feedback from community.

  • it's going to use semantic UI.
  • will be build with a mock backend
  • github + vue + scafolding

1 iteration:

  • Get visuals from ash
  • map widgets to components
  • implement mocks for backend data model
  • implement FE rough functionality
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PDF of Visual Design Mocks, also on Commons as pngs

Nuria added a subscriber: Erik_Zachte.

Ping @Erik_Zachte visuals are downloadable as pdf

Putting back "inprogress" as we are going to add @Erik_Zachte 's suggestions

We will be implementing the following changes in the design before it goes out for consultation:

Wikistats 2.0 design updates from Erik

done - round/shorten numbers on dashboard from full to 7.2 billion, etc.
done - show 2 years of data on widgets
done - use Total Manual Registered Edits as opposed to Total Edits, or at least break down the edits by bots and humans
done - include Total Article Creations from

"show daily unique devices instead of monthly unique devices on dashboard"

For the record: I don't remember saying this. In general promote the promote the opposite: weekly or monthly data rather than daily.

I have once suggested to track hourly unique devices as that doesn't suffer much from duplication (few users will access Wikipedia via more than one device on single hour). It could be used for MoM and YoY, but not so much as core metric on its own right.

It's possible we misunderstood, Erik, I think this is what you said about it:

"Infobox Unique Devices

It's no secret I feel this is a dubious metric, especially the MoM, so I won't rant about it here once more, and save that for another time."

Looking at it now, I see that you were objecting to the metric and the Month over Month measurement. But this seems like you're alluding to another time you talked about Unique Devices and I'm not finding that now. I do remember you being for longer-term metrics in general, that's the main reason we aimed for monthly on the dashboard in the first place.