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[Bug] Bad rounding in the wrong direction with DMS/DM geo formats
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From "[…] i found another diplay problem (do not know if it is connected). In this item Q4118348 the second P625 is displayed to be 36°N, 36°E but when clicking on it, it links to 36.5867, 37.0458. This does not seem to be correct."


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I'm not sure I understand the expected behavior here. Let me see if I get that right:

  • the actual value is 36.5867/37.0458, +/-1.118...
  • this is displayed as 36/36. A bit strange, I would have expected 37/37.
  • when clicking edit, the input field is set to 36/36. This is wrong and leads to data loss!
  • when clicking the coordinates, the link uses the original values, 36.5867/37.0458. That seems to be correct to me. Rounding should apply on display, not when passing values as parameters.

So, as far as I see it, there is a problem here, but it's the rounding applied when preparing the edit widget, and has nothing to do with the map link. Am I missing something?

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