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Deploy the pilot of Wikidata item quality campaign
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Prior to launching the real campaign, it might be better to launch a pilot campaign first.

So, it will help us find out what proportion of each class is showing up. Also, it will help us figure out if labelers agree with each other's evaluation result.

We can launch with 250 sample for this pilot.

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@Ladsgroup : please find the attached sample data for the pilot campaign.

There are 250 sample in that file. Essentially, the file contains the first 50 sample for each strata (interval) from the previous 5k sample data.

It seems that the quality criteria has been finalized. I have also prepared the dataset for the pilot campaign.

However, a problem on OOJS UI blocks the launching of the pilot campaign. At the moment, @Halfak is working on resolving this issue.

halfak@wikilabels-01:~/backups$ pg_dump -h wikilabels-database --user u_wikilabels u_wikilabels -W | gzip -c > 2017-03-21.sql.gz
halfak@wikilabels-01:~/backups$ cd ../datasets/
halfak@wikilabels-01:~/datasets$ sudo -u www-data /srv/wikilabels/venv/bin/wikilabels new_campaign wikidatawiki "Item quality pilot (250)" item_quality PrintablePageAsOfRevision 2 10 --config /srv/wikilabels/config/config/
{'id': 49, 'view': 'PrintablePageAsOfRevision', 'name': 'Item quality pilot (250)', 'wiki': 'wikidatawiki', 'created': datetime.datetime(2017, 3, 21, 16, 4, 53, 322702), 'tasks_per_assignment': 10, 'labels_per_task': 2, 'form': 'item_quality', 'active': True}
halfak@wikilabels-01:~/datasets$ cat wikidatawiki.sampled_items.250.json | sudo -u www-data /srv/wikilabels/venv/bin/wikilabels task_inserts --config /srv/wikilabels/config/config/ 49