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Support upload of MJPEG video in AVI or MOV container
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Motion-JPEG appears to be not patent-encumbered, and is produced by both some old cameras and some newer cameras too. It's notoriously space-inefficient (because there is no temporal compression between adjacent frames) but like large TIFF and PNG images, could be nice for supporting camera-original files.

ffmpeg & ffmpeg2theora should already handle converting such files into web-playable Ogg/WebM derivatives.

What would be needed:

  • suitable type detection for .mov and .avi
    • might need to add support to getid3, or do otherwise similar checks
  • upload-time codec checks for .mov and .avi, extending plans from T155320
    • whitelist for acceptable codecs
  • ideally, pre-upload checking in JS so you don't waste time uploading a file that's not supported

Event Timeline

For .mov container input, which is reasonably common on certain generations of cameras, all we should need now is consistent support for ISO BMFF-family input files with proper codec validation (right now we kinda half-ass it). Depending on source files, some may have AAC audio as well (cf T166025).

I'm hoping I'll get this and several other things knocked out during ongoing maintenance work in the coming months.