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Support upload of MJPEG video in AVI or MOV container
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Motion-JPEG appears to be not patent-encumbered, and is produced by both some old cameras and some newer cameras too. It's notoriously space-inefficient (because there is no temporal compression between adjacent frames) but like large TIFF and PNG images, could be nice for supporting camera-original files.

ffmpeg & ffmpeg2theora should already handle converting such files into web-playable Ogg/WebM derivatives.

What would be needed:

  • suitable type detection for .mov and .avi
    • might need to add support to getid3, or do otherwise similar checks
  • upload-time codec checks for .mov and .avi, extending plans from T155320
    • whitelist for acceptable codecs
  • ideally, pre-upload checking in JS so you don't waste time uploading a file that's not supported