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Autogenerated XML schema
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There should be an API module that autogenerates an XML schema (kind of like a blueprint for the API's output, specs @ ), much like the current API help is autogenerated.

Version: 1.13.x
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I'm on it

I'll re-assign to you then.

Don't presume you got anywhere with this VVV?

Since gerrit 6394 the api modules have a method getResultProperties, which is also outputted with action=paraminfo. So the information about the output exist and maybe can be processed to xml/xsd

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I'm proposing to WONTFIX this bug: situation has changed since then, XML requests are less than 10% overall, and all the API developers hate XML with passion. We should be working towards killing this format, not adding more enterprisey cruft to it.

No objections voiced --> executing.

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@MaxSem - i had to lookup "cruft" - the meaning seams to be unneccessary garbage. Thank you for having added this to my english vocabulary.

at I am trying to generate just another Mediawiki Java API library. The approach is using JAXB which would work nicely if there was a XSD Schema. This would also have the advantage that the XML would eventually get a clean(er) structure e.g. not using the same node name for different concepts.. JAXB will automatically also create JSON from the Schema - so the question JSON/XML is not so much about the format itself but about the definitions behind it.

Currently as a workaround I am using some xml results to generate xsd from the xml. This does not give the proper result needed and is just a semi-automatic approach. I'd appreciate if this bug report would be reopened to make an XSD schema available that can be used for JAXB generation.

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Marking as "needs volunteer". Note that the XML format is headed for eventual death (or at least deprecation)

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Sorry, it's just not gonna happen even if we had a patch. That patch will not be accepted.

Maybe we need another Bugreport / change request then. I there will be no XML/XSD it would still be great and useful to have something like a "Schema" as a basis. Obviously the generator that creates the help page could also generate a computer readable api description. So far I was able to create some 16 Java classes by reverse engineering the xml with a semi-automatic process:

It would be great to check the results against the "official" api. I'd like to make that part of the build process of Mediawiki-Japi

Obviously the generator that creates the help page could also generate a computer readable api description.

See action=paraminfo.