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Make it easy to filter notifications by type
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I get a lot of notifications. Some of these are quick and easy to process – or they would be, if I could get a list of all of the unread 'thanks' or 'this topic was summarized' notifications by themselves, so that I could scan them and tick them as read, without screwing up the list of unread 'long-awaited reply with critical information' or 'new topic that may be reporting a serious bug' notifications.

I want to be able to filter the unread notifications by type.

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Filtering by type makes perfect sense. This was among the ideas we considered to help users to deal with a high volume of notifications.
However, our research suggested that the number of users with a high volume of notifications was not as high as we expected.
Considering this, we decided to provide wiki and topic filters for the moment and reconsider adding more filtering capabilities in the future based on how the volume and distribution of unread notifications evolves.