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Bugs mentioned during sessions
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  • paragraphs in tool sometimes not horizontally aligned
  • sometimes publishing translation does not work and the page stays in the 'in progress' state
  • at times, translated text will be jumbled, missing, or mixed with text from other paragraphs.
  • infoboxes sometimes load without being clicked, or do not load at all after being clicked
  • infoboxes sometimes are completely empty after reentering edit mode after completing the translations
  • translation tool sometimes does not load fully; content is shown in shadowed/light grey, not editable.

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Amire80 subscribed.

Thanks. All of these are already reported as separate bugs, but it's good to have this summary or important issues. All of these should be fixed before declaring non-beta.

With the new version of the tool, all these seem solved, or more specific tickets have been reported.