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Run updateRestrictions.php on WMF wikis
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Run updateRestrictions.php on WMF cluster to migrate page_restrictions column to page_restrictions table.

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We (DBAs) assume this is just a heads up for us right? We do appreciate it! :-)
If you don't mind, once you are ready to run it, please update so everyone is aware.


Should just be a jfdi one this.

enwiki has 4109... I can't imagine many wikis having many more rows to run

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-07-19T12:40:12Z] <Reedy> running foreachwiki updateRestrictions.php T166184

42634455 pages on enwiki, 4109 page_restrictions != "" pages.

Batch increased ten fold in

TBH, I think the code should just be doing just be doing a where page_restrictions != "" and a limit of the batch size

Script is pretty slow, and I can't really see any reason for it to be quite so conservative.

It's somewhere halfway through enwiki, but it's been running for 5 hours :(

It's going a lot faster now on those other wikis

Reedy claimed this task.

And it's done.