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Run reader survey in multiple languages - Ukrainian
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  • [Florian] Fix sampling rate
  • [Nathaniel] Make sure the ID is prefilled in the surveys.


'enabled' => true,
'name' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-uk-main',
'type' => 'external',
'description' => 'Reader-segmentation-1-description', // (blank)
'link' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-link', //
'question' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-message', // Дайте відповідь на три запитання і допоможіть нам поліпшити Вікіпедію.
'privacyPolicy' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-privacy', // Дані опитування опрацьовуються третьою стороною. Конфіденційність.
'coverage' => 0.4, // 1 out of 2.5
'platforms' => [
        'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],
        'mobile' => [ 'stable' ],
'instanceTokenParameterName' => 'entry.901222064',

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leila renamed this task from [Not Ready] Run reader survey in multiple languages - Ukrainian to Run reader survey in multiple languages - Ukrainian.Jun 20 2017, 5:05 AM

@Antanana can you notify your community about the survey launch on June 22? More details. Please let us know here once you do this with a link to the place the notification has gone to. thanks! :)

Great! Thanks @Antanana . Please let us know if there are responses there that we should be aware of. Otherwise, we will move forward as planned. :)

@Antanana the survey is now stopped. Feel free to share the following message or a modified version of it with your community. :)

This survey run for a week and it ended at around 2320 UTC on 2017-06-29. We have received more than 9400 responses from your language and we will start analyzing the results on 2017-07-03. We will update the status when more information becomes available. Thank you for working with us to make this survey happen. :)