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Prepare tasks for usertesting input widgets: Define task
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Background: We want to make focused user tests of the Wikidata UI for being able to fix issues and/or to collect knowledge to consider when we touch elements to make them work on mobile/OOUI/vue. One obvious candidate are input widgets (e.g. the ones for special data types)

Task: Find an (hypothetical) item that might have some of the inputs we want to test. We could then give the scenario to the user: "You found out about… and want to add it to Wikidata". I thought of a building (has geocoordinate input (Place) and time input (construction finished)) but other things might be even better.

Next task: T168867, make it testable on beta/test wikidata

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I talked with @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE , I said a building makes sense, we briefly thought about where it needs quantity, and came to //height://. So we might want people to create some TV-Towers (since there height is an obvious thing)

talking to @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE and @thiemowmde: The TV-Tower example makes sense. We would prepare a minimal task that is basically transferring an analog "factsheet" of data to Wikidata

  • Create new item ("Springfield TV tower)
  • Give it a description ("A TV tower near Springfield, run by Springfield Media")
  • Say it is an "instanceof": "TV tower" (if that is a good way to model it)
  • Say it has a certain height (124m)
  • Say it it was build in a certain year (1985)