Set up / identify Salesforce database for takedown tools
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For the CP and DMCA takedown tools (T167187) we want to log takedown requests in an WMF Salesforce database (in addition to submitting the data to the appropriate third-party organizations.)

This data is currently being stored to Sugar CRM. No changes to the database structure have been requested, so the schema should be identical to the old tool.

If SuSa already has a Salesforce DB for this, then we should use it. If not, then either SuSa needs to create it or give @dbarratt credentials to create one.

@Jalexander will probably know best, so initiatively assigning to him.

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This is going to be slightly stalled for a short time, the salesforce instance is still having it's final setup because we've been transferring over all of our data from Sugar. It should be done and available to be dealt with later this week. I'll see if I can scrounge up documentation to help in the meanwhile too :)

Should we write to Sugar until the Salesforce DB is ready?

Should we write to Sugar until the Salesforce DB is ready?

For testing purposes, I'd say just log it to a local file or something. There's other parts to be built so I don't believe this is a blocker for the tool. @dbaratt can correct me if I'm wrong here.

@Niharika correct, not a blocker. Just wanted to get the ball rolling on it. :) The data is being stored in a local SQL anyways.

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@Jalexander: Any update on this?

James will get David credentials (likely shared credentials) for Salesforce to create the database.

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