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Query editor toolbar
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We would like to have a toolbar for the controls of the query editor, so the controls are not scattered in the UI.

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Love it, but a few things still causing me problems:

  • Its not clear how to exit the full screen mode (could be solved with a hint somewhere towards the top of the screen)
  • The ctrl+space shortcut is still impossible to find within the interface: I would love some type of hint to that, especially for new folks. It took me close to a year to figure out that it exists.

To repeat my reply to your post on Wikidata's 'Project chat' page:

  • in the expanded view, there's no "play" button
  • there should be a "switch to 'embed' view" button.

generally a good step forward, though. Thank you.

Looks neater!

My two cents:

I second Astinson's comment: Going full-screen somehow makes me lost :( Perhaps there can be a transparent box for "Press Esc to exit full-screen mode" or the like.

Also on my Chrome browser, hovering out after clicking the pin (aka prefixes) button gave me a kind of shadowy Prefix options.

The restore previous query seems not to work on me. After having the query Cats, I picked the query Horses (both are from the example queries). However, I couldn't restore the Cats query with that button.

I think a Stop or Cancel button would be nice - sometimes, I know shortly after pressing the Run/ Play button that the query is not precisely what I wanted (e.g. because I changed something in one place, but should have done it in two places), and then I have to wait until it finishes or times out.

Unfortunately, due to how WDQS multi-server setup works, cancelling the query is not really possible. See T136479 for tracking this.

So what we could do about canceling the query is having a button like 'test query' that has a short timeout like 5s and that one can use while creating a new query.

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