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Parser and Lua functions should track changes to 'formatter URL' property
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This may happen after the usage aspect C is deployed. It will require some more thinking, though, since the option formatterUrlProperty is only available to the repository.

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eranroz added a subscriber: eranroz.Sep 8 2017, 3:50 PM

@matej_suchanek , this is good point. I think it is not related to usage aspect C directly. Can you please elaborate ?
Currently either someone access it explicitly (getEntity(P214)) or implicitly using formatValue and similar stuff. I think it is/should be handled in UsageTrackingSnakFormatter.

PS: C is going to be evaluated soon in (if this could have any negative impact please -1 there)

Now this is not being tracked at all and we are not able to focus a single property. So the only way is to use an inaccurate aspect (O/X) that tracks all changes to the property, which are irrelevant to individual articles. With C introduction, the aspect will be as simple as C.P1630.

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