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Icons not visible in Windows' high contrast dark mode
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I observed an editor using VE with Edge browser, with high contrast accessibility enabled from the browser, and some of the tab text is not shown (unless clicked, in which case it looks like clicked-link styling, dark blue on black). The editor was searching for text formatting to no avail.

See photo.

20171118_155000.jpg (2×4 px, 2 MB)

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Esanders renamed this task from On Edge, in high contrast mode, the text of some visual editor tabs is not shown to Icons not visible in Windows' high contrast dark mode.Nov 19 2017, 8:01 PM
Esanders added a subscriber: Esanders.

The text is visible, but the icons (which are black) aren't.

Deskana added a subscriber: Deskana.

I think this is probably a problem with the interface components that the visual editor uses, rather than with visual editor itself.

Similar problem in Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox, but those browsers remove background-image so it affects all high contrast modes.

How to test in Firefox:
In about:preferences, scroll to Fonts & Colors in Language and Appearance, click [Colors...], under "Override the colors specified by the page with your selections above" switch from [Only with High Contrast themes] to [Always].

It would be good if this could be addressed somehow.
In Windows 10, 3 out of 4 high contrast settings use black background. Would it be feasible to replace the background svg-images with font icons so they don't get "lost" when users need the high contrast setting?`

VE-highcontrast.png (374×1 px, 10 KB)