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[Echo/Notifications] automatically mark notification as read when user reads the relevant page
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When I read a message on my user talk page, the 'you have new messages on your talk page' notification disappears automatically. Please, can Echo also do the same? Needing to click each Echo notification by hand is not only a waste of time, but is also error-prone.

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Gryllida created this task.Mar 5 2018, 3:18 AM
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The task was filed T49912: Visiting your own talk page should mark user talk page notifications as read and resolved with the patch, so it seems that the marking automatically notifications as "read" existed at some point.

Checked for the current behavior in betalabs:

  • going to the page which triggers notificaiton (not only User/User talk) page will not make the notifications seen or read
  • going to Special:Notifications page will make all notifications seen.

Although the idea in T49912 seems to be logical, I see some implications of automatically marking notificaitons as "read" :

  • automatically marking notifications as read will move them all the way down the notification panel, sometime resulting in removing them from the notification panel (if there are more than 25 messages)
  • it might be hard to connection between visiting some pages and the notification counter going down - visiting the page does not exactly mean that you see the change that triggers a notification.
  • a user might want to preserve the visual log-like notification display (at least for while) - e.g. to return later to some specific notifications.
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