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Make User:Community Tech bot a global bot to avoid rate limiting for Commons Deletion Bot
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The Commons Deletion Bot is a project by the Community-Tech team from the Community-Wishlist-Survey-2017 which will post messages on talk pages of articles using files hosted on Wikimedia Commons that are marked for deletion.

We believe this bot will provide value for all wikis and therefore could benefit from the Global bot flag, as to avoid potential collisions with rate limiting. It appears, however, that the global bot policy only allows bots for correcting interlanguage links and double redirects, so we may need to discuss on Meta Wiki to update this policy if we want to complete this task.

We have still yet to determine our communication and release plan for this project, which could inform the progress of this ticket. (T190233)



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Can you describe what the needs for this are more?

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Can you describe what the needs for this are more?

I've updated the description. The Commons Deletion Bot was on the 2017 Community Wishlist and we believe it could provide value to all wikis.