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Change name of spam-blacklist/spam-whitelist to link-blacklist/link-whitelist
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At nowiki there was a rather heated debate over adding a few links to w:no:Mediawiki:spam-blacklist (these entries), mostly because one of the sites is a well-known left-wing site. Much of the debate was simply because it couldn't be used as a source at all, but a good bit was about the notation that it was "spam". This comes from the fact that the blacklist is stored on a page called "spam-blacklist", thus being "spam".

It does not seem wise to call the pages "spam-blacklist" and "spam-whitelist" if it can be avoided, and better terms seems to be "link-blacklist" and "link-whitelist". This is also more in line with "email-blacklist" and "email-whitelist".

Because ordinary users don't see the name of the extension, that should not create the same amount of debate – I hope!

Renaming will have consequence for T190517: Make spam-whitelist/spam-blacklist tags

A few discussions from nowiki

There is also a third case not listed here.

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If you're renaming anyway, also see T173080...

Yeah, I was wondering if someone had noticed this before. Thanks for the link!

This was already discussed and rejected in T16719. Suggest declining here
as well.

The "decline" in T16719 is simply wrong. This is a problem for all editing communities.