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Add the 'Need Help?' Link to the Block Message drawer
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Add the 'Need Help?' link to the Block message as described in T165535: Block notices on mobile web for logged-in users provide insufficient information about the block

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We will customize it on ENWP to


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We need to decide how much work we (AHT) want to do in regards to curating the list, vs. putting on admins. Also, do we want a global fallback?

I looked at the top 20 wikis that set the most blocks. I think we should re-think this ticket.

A few wikis have help or project pages dedicated to blocked users, some have a section on the block policy, but nearly all have instructions on the MediaWiki:Blockedtext message which to the blocked user when they attempt to edit on desktop. I think the 'Need help?' link should emulate this message.

I think we should make a new page — customizable by local wikis, if they so wish — that instructs the user to write an appeal on their own talk page (if possible), email the admin who blocked them (if possible) and read the wiki's block policy.

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