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Blocks don't retain the custom duration
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I noticed by chance that, since 1.32-wmf.1, custom block durations aren't applied. In fact, on itwiki, blocks started to have the global default duration since April 26th. Given the fact that we don't have a clean changelog on mediawiki, it'll take me some time to identify the culprit patch, but I strongly suspect of this one (more or less the only relevant one). I'll start investigating right now, in case someone wants to join feel free to.

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Triaging as high because we still have a default duration, would've been UBN otherwise.

Oh, well. Yeah, that's the culprit, but the bug has already been solved on master with this patch. If a sysadmin is around and could merge the cherry pick on 1.32-wmf.1, feel free to. Otherwise I'll set it for monday's SWAT.

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Merged with SWAT right now. However, as far as I could see, custom durations need to be reset manually for each filter.

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