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Recover lost data from 'same-moment-merges'
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I've restored the email data examples. However, digging reveals 100 Major Gifts donors who have potentially lost their addresses. Only 2 are recent - rest are all 2016 & addresses are visible on the history tab - will discuss with MG

SELECT retained_contact.contact_id, count( as count_rows,

->   e.street_address , e.location_type_id, e.is_primary, deleted_contact.contact_id as deleted_contact_id,
->   e.log_conn_id, a.activity_date_time
->   # We are looking for duplicate merge activities at exactly the same time
->   FROM civicrm_activity a
->   # restrict to merge activities with merged-to contacts (these are retained)
->   INNER JOIN civicrm_activity_contact retained_contact ON activity_id = AND a.activity_type_id = 87 AND retained_contact.record_type_id = 1
->   # join merge activity to contact merged from
->   INNER JOIN civicrm_activity_contact deleted_contact ON deleted_contact.activity_id = AND deleted_contact.record_type_id =3
->   # join to activity log table on the insert record to get the connection
->   LEFT JOIN log_civicrm_activity la ON = AND la.log_action = 'Insert'
->   # join that connection onto the deleted record in the email log table
->   INNER JOIN log_civicrm_address e ON e.log_conn_id = la.log_conn_id AND e.log_action = 'Delete'
->   # join that record onto the retained contact's existing email - we want ones where they have no email( AT ALL)
->   LEFT JOIN civicrm_address address ON address.contact_id = retained_contact.contact_id
->   AND e.street_address IS NOT NULL
->   # group by activity time, looking for more than one record created at the exact same time.
->   GROUP BY a.activity_date_time, retained_contact.contact_id , deleted_contact.contact_id
->   HAVING count_rows > 1;

@MBeat33 I restored the data - is this OK to close? Will open follow up for MG records

MBeat33 closed this task as Resolved.Jun 25 2018, 6:30 PM

Many thanks, @Eileenmcnaughton, I'll close it.

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